Chinese Medicine is one of the oldest and most used medicines on the planet. Its philosophy and theories advocate living in harmony with the environment. When the seasons change, our bodies do this rather dramatic internal tango to realign with […]

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How can we blend our bodies, hearts, and minds into building a life that lifts our spirits, soothes negative emotions, and improves physical health? Today, as I am homebound in this coastal blizzard that is fiercely striking at my windows […]

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I am ‘home’ again, treating those I have known for many years as well as some I have just met. My new office overlooks the Town Green in Guilford, CT. The treatment methods that I use have been cultivated by years […]

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The holidays are over and perhaps the New Year’s resolutions have faded. It is ‘ordinary time’—perfect for falling into healthier routines in our diet, exercise, and lifestyle. Here are three suggestions. Start small so it will stick. Here we go: […]

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House Rules

“Honoring daily life” is one of the eight guiding principles that Deborah Burke, the newly appointed dean of the Yale School of Architecture, uses when creating homes where people feel their hearts can dwell with ease. I recently went to […]

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Chinese Medicine divides the year into five, not four, seasons. Late summer begins around mid-August and ends with the September equinox. As with all of the other seasons, its unique weather affects our internal environment and our organs. Awareness of […]

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Summer Peace

One small way to help engender peace in our world that so desperately needs it right now is by creating a peaceful environment at home. Easier said than done, at least for me, as my recent experience made me realize. […]

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The classic Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind, begins with shedding light on the concept of this childlike attitude: “In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities, in the experts mind there are few”. According to this Zen Buddhist principal, anything can […]

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Do you find that a cup of coffee in the morning and a glass of wine at night are good for you? Are a brisk walk and some gardening better for you than going to the gym? Does a good […]

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SPIRITUAL GANGSTER: those were the two words spelled out in white on letters on the black hoodie worn by our yoga teacher as she walked into the room. I did not know that this was the name of a new […]

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Spring is five weeks away. Here are six ways to jump-start the body, mind, and spirit: 1. Move: If you dislike doing exercise on your own, sample a yoga class, take a dance class or join a hiking/walking group. 2. […]

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As many of my readers know, I have been working on a memoir for a while. I wanted to share with you a snippet of the first chapter. The following is the beginning of my circuitous and revelatory route toward […]

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